Dawley Advice Centre and Food Bank

Our volunteer staff help in all sorts of ways; such as welcoming, listening, offering kindness and help to those who are bemused, worried and simply uncertain about things that crucially affect their lives and no-one else seems to care about.

Food bank

If you or someone you know is struggling and doesn’t have enough food, then maybe we can help.

Dawley Christian Centre works alongside the Telford Crisis Network to help those in need.

Please call 01952 361163 and someone will be there to help (Please note that occasionally you may have to leave details on an answer machine, but rest assured we will get back in touch with you).

You are very welcome to call into the Dawley Christian Centre for advice or to use one of our computers (free internet) or phone.  You will receive a warm welcome and a listening ear.

What we do

Food Bank: We receive donations of food from various donors (churches and individuals). We receive requests for food parcels, assess people’s need, make up food parcels and hand them to these people. We receive food parcels from Telford Crisis Network, (labelled with the name of the client) and we hand these out to the clients who come to the Dawley Christian Centre. We sometimes add a small amount of credit onto tokens (keys and cards) for gas and electricity but not for mobile phones. We don’t hand out cash. Our leader is normally available by phone to help make decisions on whether to provide a food parcel. When we recognise that people come back to us repeatedly or after a period of absence, we reassess them and update our records.

Listening and Signposting: We offer a listening ear to those who come into the café, including those who come for food parcels. Some just want a chat, some are sad or distressed, some are looking for help.  We may help them to think through what their options are and where they might go to for advice or help. They might want to use the phone or one of the computers to do this and we can help them to get started. We don’t tell our clients what they should do. Even if we have faced similar problems, we recognise that their situation may be different and that they must live with the consequences of any decisions that they take.

Records we keep

We record basic details of a person requesting a food parcel on a form when we make an assessment of their needs. This includes name, address, phone number so that we can contact them – for example, we may phone them when their food parcel is ready for them to collect. We also note what other organisations are helping them and where possible, we record when they expect to next receive any benefits that are due to them. We ask the client to sign their agreement that we can hold this information and this allows us to keep track of when we last had a request from a person and what their needs were.

Organisations we link withhelp and support

Telford Crisis Network: This organisation offers many services to people going through a crisis and may offer them a food parcel. They make up a parcel from their own stores and a delivery person brings the bags to Dawley Christian Centre, where we store it temporarily and hand it out when the client arrives. They may also email the Office at Dawley Christian Centre with the name of the client. TCN may limit the number of times that a person can receive a food parcel from them in order to encourage them to progress. We may contact TCN about food parcels they have sent (or should have sent) or about the client.

KIP/ Maninplace: These two organisations work together to help people who are effectively homeless to find temporary accommodation. We may refer people who are homeless (sleeping rough, sofa-surfing or facing eviction) to KIP or Maninplace who may be able to find them temporary accommodation. Maninplace may also refer people to us to receive food parcels (from our own stores).

Citizens’ Advice Bureau. CAB can offer free advice to people on a wide range of topics including benefits, housing, employment law, tenancy, debt management, relationships, alcohol and drug misuse. One of their people comes into Dawley Christian Centre once a week. We may refer people to CAB, helping them to arrange an interview using the phone. They may also refer people to us for a food parcel.

Wrekin Housing trust. WHT works with a number of landlords in the area to match up people who want to rent and the properties available. They operate the ‘Choose Your Home’ Internet service. We may refer people looking for accommodation to them, help these people to register on CYH on one of the computers or help them to make phone call to resolve problems.


2 Responses to Dawley Advice Centre and Food Bank

  1. lynda reynolds says:

    can you give me phone number of madly telford food bank as i giveing food of my friends we did it last year i went round getting food from every one

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