Upcoming Events

We organise and put on a wide range of events inside and outside of the church.

We would love to see you at any of our events so please check below to see what’s coming up.

Click for Cluster Meetings or Management Meetings

Circuit Events 

Cluster Meetings
Management Meetings 

23/09/17    Saturday           10-3pm          Broseley                    LP Study Day

23/09/17     Saturday        9:30am          Hadley                   Safeguarding Refresher Course

24/09/17    Sunday              6pm                Oakengates              Flower Festival

14/10/17     Saturday            9:30-12:30    Hadley                 Making Disciples thro’ Fresh Ex

27/10/17     Friday               10-4pm           Horsehay                  Districts Superintendents Day

14/11/17    Tuesday           7:30pm         The Rock                 LP Training Subcommittee

15/11/17      Wednesday      7:30pm           Dawley                      CLT    

23/11/17     Thursday          7:30pm           Oakengates              Local Preachers Meeting

03/12/17     Sunday             6pm                 Broseley                   Circuit Advent Carol Service

04/12/17     Monday            7:30pm           Wellington              Circuit Meeting

01/02/18    Thursday          7:30pm           Horsehay                District Treasurers Meeting

08/02/18   Friday               10-4pm                                              District Superintendents Day

14/02/18    Wednesday      7:30pm        Wellington            Ash Wednesday Service

14/03/18    Wednesday      7:30pm           St. Georges              CLT    

12/03/18     Monday            7:30pm          Newport                   Local Preachers Meeting

21/03/18     Wednesday      7:30pm         Oakengates              Circuit Meeting

12/06/18     Tuesday            7:30pm         Dawley                      CLT    

18/06/18     Monday           7:30pm          Albrighton                Local Preachers Meeting

25/06/18     Monday            7:30pm         Horsehay                  Circuit Meeting       





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